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Hochau Loipe 10 km


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622 m

85 m

9.0 km


Cross-country skiing, classic cross-country skiing, cross-country skating Ski-nordic-classic Ski-nordic-skating Menüstruktur Sommer App Langlaufen

Tour description

Starting point at the Nordic Center in Kössen. Runs south-west past the sports ground and through the main road underpass. Bends right then left, past a row of houses into an open field. Then right through the forest and leaving the forest at a descent point. Return to the forest at the next ascent and back to the open field. Cross the field and through a short woodland section. Turn right at a cross-country trail crossing onto a 1.5 km long loop. Then back to the start. 


Culinary highlights, breathtaking spots and parking lots:

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