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Historic walk Kufstein


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1:00 h

526 m

15 m

1.7 km







Tour description

The circular walk comprises 23 stations, walking time is about 1 hour.

Addresses topics such as...

Settlement of the fortress hill (Bronze and Iron Age)
the medieval town fortification
the siege of the town and fortress (in 1504)
the medieval pillory technique
the history of Kufstein Fortress, shipping on the Inn River and the railway in Kufstein
Josef Madersperger, the inventor of the sewing machine
the beautiful art nouveau buildings in Kufstein...etc.

The stations:

1.) The Marienbrunnen Fountain and the town's water supply
2.) The water bastion and the rest of the town wall
3.) The so-called Hell-Haus/former tower of the town wall
4.) Kufstein railway
5.) Inn bridge and Inn gate
6.) The Römerhofgasse lane
7.) The siege of Kufstein 1504
8.) Remnants of the town walls and Auracher garden
9. - 11.) History of Kufstein, part I - III
12.) Shipping on the Inn River
13.) The end of World War II
14.) Original entrance path to the fortress
15.) Josef Madersperger`s birthplace
16.) Art Nouveau buildings
17.) The Kufstein cement industry
18.) The upper town gate
19.) The old town cemetery and Pfarrplatz square
20.) Fortress Kufstein
21.) Hörfarter memorial
22.) The town hall and sentence execution
23.) the market square (now lower town square)


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