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4 lakes hiking tour Kufstein


3:00 h

660 m

299 m

12.4 km







Tour description

First you are walking to Morsbach, straight at the riding stablesn and through the forest to the Pfrillsee. Follow the left riverside of the lake to Thierseestreet and cross the street to get to the Längsee. Walk along the riverside until you get to a fork in the path (Thierberg/Hechtsee). Go left and stay left along the Hechtsee until you turn left at the large meadow. a broad path leads you to Egelsee, which is under conservation. You'll find an interesting flora and fauna. On the same track you walk back to the Hechtsee, stay left and after about 15 minutes you'll arrive at the public bathing beach. To find your way back to Kufstein follow the street and turn right onto the sidewalk after a few meters.

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