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Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Thiersee


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Tyrol meets India: the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof is a marriage of authentic Ayurveda and European sensibility – from the architecture and cuisine to the AyurvedaCentre where guests enjoy Ayurvedic, complementary and conventional medical treatments, administered by a highly qualified team of experts. The architecture of the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof combines top-quality, local materials like pine with the vibrant colours and decorative elements of India – all surrounded by the magnificent Tyrolean landscape of Hinterthiersee. Specialists from Ayurveda’s homeland and the Sonnhof team of experts skilfully integrate the Eastern holistic healing system into a Western approach to life. Holistic stays at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof are based on the pillars of nutrition, diagnosis & treatment and Yoga & spirituality.

Our path through life

Ayurveda is more than a healing method; it creates a profound understanding of the true self, opens a path towards inner peace, and sees health as a dynamic balance between three bodily bio-elements or Doshas. Illness is an indication of imbalance. The experts at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof work with the three pillars of nutrition, diagnosis & treatment and Yoga & spirituality to restore their guests’ Dosha balance. This also entails looking beyond the symptoms and at the causes of diseases, complaints or discomforts in order to affect a sustainable remedy.

Beauty & health – within & without

The Sonnhof’s European Ayurvedic cuisine is a culinary brand that blends Ayurveda’s nutritional principles with first-class products sourced from local farms and markets as well as their own Ayurvedic Lindhof farm. To safeguard harmony, the whole resort was ceremoniously purified, as well as being designed in line with the Vastu Shasta teachings to allow an unhindered flow of Prana or cosmic energy. The holistic approach to wellbeing forms the foundation of good health. Yoga retreats and Ayurvedic beauty treatments with THALGO cosmetics complete the holistic palette on offer at the resort.

Gentle relaxation

Tyrol meets India: take your time, allow the senses to be caressed in a relaxing and inspiring environment, take in the uplifting fragrances, gentle sounds and the embrace of nature’s elements. The AyurvedaCentre you can also use as a day spa. To book additional treatments and services, please contact the team of specialists.

Our offer:

Traditional Ayurveda massages

  • Duration: 55 minutes - Abhyanga massage | 85 minutes - Abhyanga massage with Shirodhara flowing oil treatment
  • Price: EUR 118.00 Abhyanga massage | EUR 205.00 Abhyanga massage with Shirodhara flowing oil treatment

FROM €118.00

With the Abhyanga massage and the Shirodhara flowing oil treatment we offer the best of Ayurveda for 90 minutes. The Abhyanga massage is a full-body massage and can be translated as the "great oiling with loving hands". Your body will be spoiled by warm herbal oils, having at the same time a relaxing and revitalizing as well as rejuvenating effect, and strengthens the immune system. Shirodhara flowing oil treatment is a soothing head therapy and is particularly recommended for relieving stress-related symptoms, insomnia and migraine. With the combination of Abhyanga massage and Shirodhara flowing oil treatment we offer a holistic relaxation programme.

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