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Winter playground - Kufstein

What’s a winter playground?
A winter playground is an indoor play area and a meeting point during the cold season. Because young kids like playing on the ground, outdoor playgrounds are hardly usable in winter. As for public outdoor play areas in summer, the responsibility remains with the accompanying persons. Therefore, children cannot be left for childcare.

Who may use the winter playground?
The play area is for kids up to 4 years. The winter playground is not designed for older children. That’s why they are not allowed to play there. Thanks to barrier-free rooms, the winter play area also offers children with special needs a wide range of opportunities to play, discover things and crawl around. They are always welcome.

What’s the entry fee of the winter playground?
Entry is free as the costs of the play equipment were borne by sponsors and supporters. However, we are happy if you contribute to the running costs with a small donation to ensure the continuation of the project.

What does the winter playground offer?
There are 200 m² of different play areas:
- Cuddle and relaxing area: flower tent with picture books, giant bean bags, ...
- Building area: Duplo, wooden building blocks, Brio wooden train, ...
- Moving area: crawling landscape, crawling tunnel, ball pit, rocking horses, Bilbo, ...
- Sensory and coordination area: ball track, crawl and climb caterpillar, ...
- Play kitchen: Large, well-equipped kitchen block, children's table with chairs, ...
- Snack area: tables with high chairs, kid’s dishes, microwave, water, tea, and coffee, ...

What is to consider?
Parents and children must take off their shoes at the entrance area to ensure a clean playground. Please bring along anti-slip socks or slippers. There is also space in the entrance area for parking the strollers. Water, tea and coffee are available in the snack area. You have to bring your own snack.

Who is behind the project?
The winter playground has been initiated by the Evangelical Free Church Kufstein, thus supporting the offer for families in town. Assembling and dismantling as well as maintenance of the winter playground are carried out by volunteers. Opening hours November to March (current opening times under

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