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Riedel Manufacturing - Kufstein

Glass art – Tyrolean glass works Riedel Kufstein

It’s warm in the Riedel glass works in Kufstein. A visitor’s gallery allows customers to see how a glass or decanter is made and experience how a Riedel product is carefully blown and handmade. For 4000 years nothing has changed in the composition and production of glass. Quartz. Lime. Alkalis. But it’s all about the ratios, and that’s a well-guarded secret. “Only" 2000 years have passed since a blowing iron was used for the first time and the first glass was blown into shape. At the Riedel Glass factory in Kufstein we still use the ancient method with great precision. Every item is unique.

The modern, bright, 300 square meter shop of the glass manufacturer is an important part of the complex. Individual consultation with expert personnel competently explains the core question of RIEDEL glass philosophy: “Which glass should be used for which wine?”

For the company’s 250th birthday in 2006 Riedel build a glass pyramid with a pendulum in the middle to symbolise inexhaustible inventiveness. In 2017 the pendulum was replaced with a stylised “glass sphere” globe made of 1500 Riedel glasses.

It presents the idea of removing borders and shows the global presence of the company. An integrated installation lights up the sphere and Kufstein is one of the points on this sparkling ball.

There is also a permanent exhibition that can be viewed called “Riedel glass cabinet – retrospective and idea laboratory” and shows the history of glass production as well as the evolution of design at this location. It also aims to serve as a source of inspiration for future projects and products.

Opening hours:
- Riedel Shop-Outlet: Monday to Friday from 09.30-18.00 and Saturday from 09.30-14.00
- MUSEUMS Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09.30-17.30 and Saturday 09.30-13.00
  Sundays and holidays closed
- Sundays and holidays closed
- Buses and tour groups by appointment

Entrance fees:
-individual tour without advance reservation for smaller groups free of charge
-guided tour (duration 40min) with advance reservation EUR 6,50 per person

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