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Rahberger distillery - Kufstein

Schnapps/brandy: garlic schnapps, gentian schnapps, caraway brandy, apricot brandy, aniseed brandy, apple brandy, pear brandy, bock beer brandy, fruit schnapps, sloe brandy, rowan berry brandy, walnut brandy, Williams pear brandy, pine brandy, pear brandy with honey, grape brandy, The Little Devil (grape - chilli), grape brandy matured in an oak barrel, masterwort. Liqueurs: blackberry liqueur, dirndl cherry liqueur, raspberry liqueur, elderflower liqueur, red wine liqueur, walnut liqueur, sage liqueur, sloe liqueur and pear brandy.

Tasting: We're also happy to organise a tasting for you in a cosy atmosphere. With snacks and drinks, for up to 20 people. The fee is €20.00 per person.

Tours: with reservation

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