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Healing energy walks in Kufsteinerland

Activate your powers of self-healing

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It is a completely unique feeling. Unlike anything else. Energy-packed. Powerful. Positive. Concentrating on your own inner self. The natural landscape all around exudes an unbelievable sense of tranquillity. The energy centre in nature. Immediate. Lasting. Healing energy walks in Kufsteinerland.

Find your balance

The natural landscapes of Tyrol around the fortress town and the eight picturesque villages of Kufsteinerland are rich in energy centres. Roaring waterfalls. Mystical stone circles. Springs. Caves. Moors. A trained life energy expert will take you through nature to these special places. Identify and break down energy blockages. Support and activate the body’s own powers of self-healing. It is not unusual for the body’s physical and energy balance to get out of sync in everyday life. The aim is to re-establish this balance and view the human being as a whole. The walks to these energy centres transport people back to a state of balance. Recharge your batteries. Energy-based meditation. Top up your strength and energy levels.

The 3 to 4 hour walks are possible all year round and can be combined with a snow shoe walk.

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