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Literature festival glück.tage

Philosophize. Discuss. Exchange ideas. Read. Get away from yesterday and ponder about tomorrow. Sensory enjoyment of nature and culture. The Glück.Tage include talks, seminars, nature experiences and top-class speakers. Meet other people who see and are looking for the same thing as you: happiness.More information

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Literature festival glück.tage Kufsteinerland

On the trail of happiness

It grows slowly. Spreads. A warm feeling. A tingling on the skin. The corners of your mouth turn up. A sparkle. Happiness. Mysterious. Much desired. Surrounded by myths. As varied as a fingerprint. Happiness means something different to every individual, but there are many common denominators. Safety. Health. Stable relationships. Friends. Family. Career. Nature. Growth. Creativity. A number of inspiring thinkers have found answers to the important questions related to happiness. Words and examples as signposts for the search for happiness at the Glück.Tage.

Happy times

The glück.tage present talks, readings and workshops with prominent authors from the areas of philosophy, psychology, ethics and science. In addition, Kufsteinerland, with the nature-bound fortress city and the eight picturesque villages, also offers new inspiration. Time out. Nature to enjoy. Motivating encounters. For a successful search for happiness.

Programme and prices for the glück.tage festival in Kufsteinerland:

Date: Event: Price:
August 26, 2021 Speech of and discussion with Richard David Precht €32.00
August 27, 2021 Speech of and discussion with Erwin Thoma €32.00
August 28, 2021 Happiness.Science Science Busters €32.00
August 26 - August 28, 2021 Combined ticket for 3 evenings (Precht, Thoma, Science Busters) €87.00

Box office surcharge: € 3.00 per ticket, ticket price incl. 20% VAT, in addition to postage and processing fee, no discount, postal charges: within Austria € 2.88, to Germany € 3.65, and to Switzerland € 4.55.

Tickets glück.tage Kufsteinerland:

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