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Ebbs flower parade & Hansi Hinterseer

Every year, thousands of flowers decorate carved polystyrene blocks. They transform sculptures into blooming pictures for Austria’s largest flower parade. In addition to the big parade through Ebbs, a wide variety of events over four days provide a framework for the Flower Parade Ebbs. A musical highlight: The concert by Hansi Hinterseer.More information

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Ebbs flower parade

Vehicles in bloom

It slowly comes around the bend. Meanders past the church. Mouth wide open. Its yellow-purple spotted tail topped by green bristles. Its head towering loftily above the crowds of people. The flower heads between the wide spaces in its teeth shine out, a deep red. Floral art perfection. This is Ebbs flower parade.

A floral-filled four days

Austria’s largest flower parade in Ebbs is being held for the 23rd time in 2021. Concerts. Flower sticking party. Pop music day. Village party. For four days the Haflinger village is completely focused on the flower parade, impressing with a colourful supporting programme with highlights including a performance by Hansi Hinterseer and the big parade.


Date: Time: Event:
26.08.2022 from 8:00 pm Village evening
27.08.2022 from 9:00 am Flower sticking party, pop music day, summer night festival and concert Hansi Hinterseer
28.08.2022 from 10:00 am Big festival day - flower parade through Ebbs


Village evening

A floral start

A Tyrolean custom accompanied by music. The procession weekend at the heart of the Tyrolean mountains in Kufsteinerland gets off to a cosy and traditional start.

Musical Ebbs

From 8:00 pm the centre of the village of Ebbs is all about music. Ebbs associations organise the evening in the centre of this picturesque Haflinger village. Village party atmosphere. Culinary treats. A performance by the Bundesmusikkapelle traditional band.


Flower sticking party, pop music day, summer night festival and concert Hansi Hinterseer

A bouquet of opportunities

Anticipation meets preparation. The day before the largest flower parade in Austria is extremely busy for the participants, and also painful. For the viewers it's an amazing spectacle, and there is also musical enjoyment waiting in the fortress city.

Stuck in beauty - Flower sticking party at Hödnerhof Ebbs

Thousands of flowers. Bare Styrofoam blocks. At the flower sticking party at Hödnerhof Ebbs, artistically carved Styrofoam blocks are transformed into floral artworks. Love. Patience. Teamwork. Passion. Surrounded by thousands of flowers and countless helpers, from 9:00 am the floats are brought to life at the flower sticking party.

Music in the fortress city - Schlagertag in Kufstein

Pop music visits the fortress city. In Kufstein the day before the flower parade is dedicated to pop music. Am Unteren Stadtplatz in Kufstein geben sich Schlagerstars ein Stelldichein. Von 14:45 bis 18:00 Uhr wartet Musikgenuss am Fuße der Festung Kufstein umrahmt von der Tiroler Bergwelt des Kufsteinerlandes.

Children's afternoon in the Ebbs village centre

Fun afternoon for children from 4:00 pm

Celebration in Ebbs - Summer night festival in the Ebbs village centre

Music. Culinary enjoyment. Turn night into day. The summer night festival brings a great atmosphere to Ebbs from 6:00 pm.

Festive open air - Concert Hansi Hinterseer

From 8:00 pm (admission starts 6:30 pm) the fortress in Kufstein starts warming up. The charismatic folk music star Hansi Hinterseer comes to Kufsteinerland with his upbeat songs. It is a special musical experience, with the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland as a backdrop. The star performs with the original Tiroler Echo.

The multi-talented Tyrolean Hansi Hinterseer is famous well beyond the borders of his home country for hits such as “Du hast mich heut noch nicht geküsst”, “Amore mio”, “Tiroler Berge”, “Sieben rote Rosen”, “Hände zum Himmel”, “Hey Baby”, “Komm nach Tirol Senorita”, “Viva Tirol”, “Lieb mich nochmal”, “Egal wohin Du gehst”, “Lebenslänglich mit Dir” and “Komm und tanz”. This is reflected in his 34 gold and 12 platinum awards as well as a double platinum award. For the past 18 years he has been accompanied around Europe by the unmistakable Tiroler Echo. Insiders in the popular scene love Tiroler Echo for their distinctive sound made up of Styrian harmonica, accordion, guitar and double bass.

Advance ticket sales for “Hansi Hinterseer” and “Das Tiroler Echo” at Kufstein Fortress:

  • Ö-Ticket
  • local banks
  • tobacconist shops
  • Lindner Music: +43 5242 93 804 10


Big festival day - flower parade through Ebbs

Flower parade

Past the church, through the centre of Ebbs and out to the Hödnerhof Ebbs World of Flowers. Many meters tall. Colourful. Detailed. Artistically decorated. Around 50 flower-covered floats take part in Austria's largest flower parade. Styrofoam figures on trailers. Floral art in front of a backdrop of the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland, surrounded by the picturesque flair of the Haflinger village of Ebbs. The flower floats are accompanied by music groups from the region. One of the highlights at the end of the parade is the traditional awarding of a prize for the most beautiful float, accompanied by music and a varied supporting programme, at the World of Flowers Hödnerhof.

The flower parade is free to view.


Time: Program:
11:00 am Haflinger show at the Stud Farm Ebbs - entry: Adults €10.00 | Children (5-16 years) €5.00 | Groups from 20 people €8.00 per person; Ticket reservation: Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland, +43 5372 62207 23,
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Children's programme in the Ebbs village centre
11:00 am Live family concert with “Bluatschink”
12:00 noon - 3:00 pm Radio U1 Tirol musician’s afternoon at the World of Flowers Hödnerhof Ebbs
1:00 pm Large parade with all floats, bands and vintage cars (free entry, departing from Hödnerhof Ebbs)
4:00 pm Award ceremony at the Hödnerhof Ebbs

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