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Inn ferry Ebbs - Kiefersfelden

Four minutes of nostalgia

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Rhythmically the water smacks against the wood. The rope is taut. Another one, two metres and the view opens up. The ferry has reached the centre of Inn River. On we go at a brisk pace, the Inn propelling the ferry forwards. The banks are coming closer. Four minutes later. A faint squeak. A quick jolt. We have arrived in Ebbs. Nostalgia on the water. The Inn ferry.

Tradition revived

"Ferryman, ahoy!", farmers and workers would shout when they wanted to cross the Inn river. The Inn ferry between Ebbs and Kiefersfelden has a long-standing tradition, verifiably dating back to the 18th century. Until 1973 ferry traffic was active, then it was discontinued. However, the Inn ferry never passed out of mind and thus the old times were revived in 1998.

Craftsmanship by the high wire

Not even four minutes the Inn Ferry needs for the 115 metres across the Inn river. Four impressive minutes. Idyll. Peacefulness. Experiencing the Inn up close. The impressive Kaiser Mountains in view. Traditionally, the ferry glides across the Inn from the end of April until the third Sunday in October. Safely guided by a high wire. The Inn ferry has room for 12 people and bicycles. Just under three metres wide. Eleven metres long. Dark larch wood. Made in accordance with old craftsmanship.

The jetty for getting on the Inn Ferry is near the Flower World Hödnerhof in Ebbs – Eichelwang. Accessible for wheelchair users. One wheelchair per trip can board.


  • 22. April bis Mitte Oktober, täglich von 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr


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