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Wine festival Kufstein

Enjoy fine wines in the peaceful ambiance of the Kufstein city park. Winegrowers from various growing regions bring their delicacies to Kufstein, and for two days transform the fortress city into a top-class world of wine. A wide variety of wines is brought together in one place, surrounded by the urban flair of the fortress city and the mountains of Kufsteinerland.More information

Wine festival Kufstein

Fine white, red and rose wines - Experience wine with all your senses

Ruby red. Amber. Floral. Fruity. Velvety. Dense. The delicate sound of elegant glasses. The characteristic gurgling of pouring. From wine stand to wine stand. Just follow your nose. Every year the city park in the centre of the fortress city turns into a place of enjoyment for wine connoisseurs and wine lovers, surrounded by the urban bustle of Kufstein. The Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland are a majestic backdrop. A weekend focused on wine.

Fine wine in the perfect glass

Stroll. Try. Taste. For two days Kufstein focuses on the topic of wine. Numerous winegrowers present selected wines from their growing regions, in the Kufstein city park. They include winegrowers from Kufstein's partner cities. Langenlois and Rovereto. From wine stand to wine stand. Enjoy in style. In Kufsteinerland, with its nature-bound fortress city and eight picturesque villages, fine wines are served in the perfect glass. Riedel glasses from the world-famous company Riedel Glass Kufstein. Framed with culinary delicacies from Kufstein restaurants. A gourmet selection from pasta specialities to traditional Tyrolean treats, accompanied by live music.

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm
Music from 7 pm (until 11 pm)
Free entry!

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